About Us

The Center for Energy Education (C4EE) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and a center for renewable energy research, education, and workforce development for the eastern United States. The C4EE provides a place to raise awareness of renewable energy and its importance locally, regionally, and globally. The C4EE is a hub for the renewable energy industry, a hands-on training ground for solar installations, a destination for students and families to learn about renewable energy resources, and an education and training facility to provide the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the growing renewable energy industry.

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The C4EE Experience

Our vision for the Center for Energy Education is a space where education, research, industry innovation, business engagement, and demonstration of solar energy combine to demonstrate excellence in renewable energy as well as create economic growth. The C4EE will inspire learning, discovery, and imagination about renewables in all of our visitors.

The C4EE has already teamed up with educational institutions, industry leaders, and associations to promote partnerships and energy initiatives. As the success of the solar industry depends on education, innovation and research are critical. Through education, training, and research, we are helping shape a competent workforce for renewable energy for the future.

The thriving atmosphere of solar development in the United States has proven lucrative for companies and carries with it a social responsibility to the people of these rural communities. The C4EE is proud to create a presence and awareness for renewable energy here that will further solidify the relationship between the solar industry and the citizens of this community.

To learn more about the Center for Energy Education, contact Mozine Lowe, Executive Director, at mozine.lowe@center4ee.org

Planned Campus

The Center for Energy Education

Impressions of the Grand Opening at the Center for Energy Education

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