Celebrating the C4EE Utility-Scale Workshop Graduates

Roanoke Rapids, NC — August 6, 2023

In a radiant celebration of knowledge and achievement, the spotlight turns to the remarkable students of the Utility-Scale Workshop! _______________________________________________________________________________

During this workshop, these students dived into the world of solar construction fundamentals and safety, gaining essential knowledge and skills in the field of renewable energy. Their dedication to mastering the intricacies of solar construction, symbolized by the workshop’s focus on fundamentals and safety, demonstrates their commitment to excellence. _______________________________________________________________________________

This workshop serves as a gateway to an exciting career in the solar industry, offering invaluable insights into entry-level solar farm installation positions. It equips these graduates with the necessary tools and know-how to thrive in the dynamic and impactful world of solar energy.  _______________________________________________________________________________

As they step into the next phase of their journeys, there is eager anticipation of the remarkable opportunities they will explore and the positive impact they will undoubtedly make in the world. These graduates are not just equipped with knowledge; they are armed with the skills and determination to make a real difference. _________________________________________________________________________________

The Center for Energy Education extends its heartfelt congratulations to these diligent students. Their dedication and commitment to learning have brought them to this significant milestone, and their bright futures are bound to be remarkable.