Black History Month Spotlight: The honorable Hazel R. O’Leary

The honorable Hazel R. O’Leary was the seventh U.S. Secretary of Energy, appointed by President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997.  She served as the first Black female in this role and advanced America’s energy policy toward valuing renewables and linking energy with health and environmental quality.

She emphasized the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency, increased funding for renewable energy fields, and established a quantifiable way to measure successes. She went on to lead the Ambassadors for the Minorities in Energy Initiative, part of the Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.

Currently, Ms. O’Leary serves on the board of directors for several organizations, including CAMAC Energy Inc.

During Black History Month, the Center for Energy Education will be spotlighting various Black leaders within the renewable energy industry.

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