Learn and Explore

The Center for Energy Education invites you to learn and explore its exciting exhibit areas and outdoor facilities!
On the Center’s campus are fun opportunities for all ages to learn about renewable energy, discuss current climate change topics, and explore healthy living options in an innovative and relaxed indoor/outdoor learning space.

K-12 Custom School Programs

The Center for Energy Education is a popular field trip destination for K-12 students. Each hands-on and interactive lesson has been designed by school teachers and follows Common Core Curriculum guidelines. Schools may select from a variety of projects that focus on Renewable Energy, Environmental Stewardship, Climate Change, STEM topics.

Online Learning

We are excited to share with you the launch of our new Online Learning webpage (https://center4ee.org/onlinelearning). This entire page is dedicated to STEM and Renewable Energy activities that K-12 students can participate in from home.  The contents include hands-on activities, education videos, online quizzes, interactive activities, and new content uploaded weekly. The classes are taught by schoolteachers industry experts.

Utility-Scale Solar Workshops for Public Officials

The Solar Farm Workshop for Public Officials provides the latest information and updates on topics related to solar farms from industry experts, academia, and county officials. The featured topics for this meeting include Solar Industry Updates, State and Local Permitting, Health and Safety Impacts of Solar Technology, Legal Considerations for Landowners and Officials, and Tax Treatment and Revenue Impacts.

Summer Programs

C4EE’s Energy Summer Camp is a four-day program for elementary and middle school students designed to explore renewable energy sources, energy efficiency measures at home and learn new career opportunities. The STEM focus camp is highly interactive and encourage students to use their creative and problem- solving skill to make projects and crafts from everyday items while learning about energy. Healthy living activities are built into the summer camp with outdoor activities. Camps are led by STEM teachers and at no cost to students.

Solar Education for Teachers

C4EE offers solar education workshops for K-12 teachers over two days in the summer to provide information and resources to integrate renewable energy in the classroom.  The workshops are aligned with curriculum standards and provided hands on activities to help teachers lead energy activities into classroom studies: science, math, language arts, social studies and liberal arts. Teachers are provided a certificate, $200 stipend and a resource tool kit upon completion the workshop. The workshop is free to active school teachers.

The Center for Energy Education Experience for all ages