Educational Programs

The Center for Energy Education (C4EE) is a hub for the renewable energy industry and a destination for community members to learn about renewable energy resources through educational programs. To learn more about our programs, check out the descriptions below!

The Center’s main campus has fun, educational opportunities for all ages to learn about renewable energy, discuss current climate topics, and explore healthy living options. Additionally, the Center has an innovative and relaxed indoor/outdoor learning space.

Solar Workshops for Public Officials

The Utility-Scale Solar Workshops for Public Officials provide the latest information on topics related to solar farms. Topics are taught by industry experts, academia, and county officials.

Featured topics for the workshop include Solar Industry Updates, State & Local Permitting, Health & Safety Impacts of Solar Technology, Legal Considerations for Landowners & Officials, and Tax Treatment & Revenue Impacts.

Solar 101: Community Education

C4EE’s Solar 101: Community Education Workshops offer a space for the community to learn more about solar project developments in your area, the renewable energy industry, and additional programs that the Center is offering.

The workshops feature guest speakers and offer participants the chance to ask questions.

public officials workshop

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and learn is a 2-hour tailored educational session that is held for key decision makers and county officials.

The educational session includes presentations from C4EE and the potential for a guest speaker based on the identified concerns in that area. 

Attendees are provided detailed printed materials to address common concerns like environmental impacts, safety, economic development, and benefits. Lunch is also provided as part of the event.

teacher training

Renewable Energy Teacher Training

C4EE offers 2-day long Renewable Energy Teacher Training for K-12 teachers during the summer time. The training provides information and resources for teachers to help integrate renewable energy topics into the classroom. 

The training is aligned with common-core curriculum guidelines and provides hands on activities to help teachers lead energy activities in the classroom. Upon completion, teachers are provided with a certificate, a stipend, and a resource tool kit. The workshop is free to active schoolteachers.

students at summer camps

Renewable Energy Summer Camps

C4EE’s Renewable Energy Summer Camps are 4-day long programs for school students. The camps are designed for students to explore renewable energy sources, energy efficiency measures, and learn about career opportunities. Healthy living activities are also built into summer camps with free meals and outdoor activities.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based camp is highly interactive and encourages students to use their creative, problem-solving skills to make projects and crafts from everyday items. Camps are led by STEM teachers and are free to students.

teacher and student at STEM in the park

STEM in the Park

STEM in the Park is designed to expand the accessibility of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning opportunities to K-12 students who may have limited internet access.

This open-air learning opportunity provides teachers with application-based activities that build upon students’ critical thinking skills. Classroom teachers will deliver lessons using materials that we provide, while in an outdoor, distraction-free environment.

K-12 Customized School Programs

C4EE is a popular field trip destination for K-12 students. C4EE’s campus is equipped with a community garden, a 10-station fitness walking trail, bike trail, soccer field, playground, and energy bike exhibit. Additionally, C4EE offers hands-on and interactive lessons that have been designed by school teachers and follow common-core curriculum guidelines.

Schools may select from a variety of projects that focus on Renewable Energy, Environmental Stewardship, Climate Change, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics.

online learning

Online Learning

Learn from anywhere with C4EE’s Online Learning page! Our featured online learning has all kinds of renewable energy topics to choose from! Some of the topics include Solar 101, Climate Change, Energy Storage, and Activities for K-12 students.

These videos provide educational opportunities, hands-on activities, and more learning resources! These classes are taught by school teachers as well as industry experts.

Mobile Classroom gif

The C4EE Mobile Classroom

The C4EE Mobile Classroom is designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for schools, community organizations and the public. The Mobile Classroom is equipped for workforce development programs, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs and community events.

Driven by the C4EE Education and Training Manager, the vehicle is stocked with micro-grid displays, classroom lab aid kits, and all the necessities for an educational experience about renewable energy. If you or your organization is interested in having the C4EE Mobile Classroom at your school or community event, contact the Center’s office via email at