Nominated for the 2023 Dr. Espanola Jackson Energy Justice Award

Roanoke Rapids, NC — August 1, 2023

In a momentous announcement, The Center for Energy Education proudly reveals that its Executive Director, Mozine Lowe, has been nominated as one of the esteemed candidates for the highly prestigious 2023 Dr. Espanola Jackson Energy Justice Award (formerly known as the Solar Justice Award)! ________________________________________________________________________________________

Mozine Lowe is no stranger to being a trailblazer, having long served as a leader in our community. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing health and well-being through the implementation of clean energy solutions has been a source of inspiration for all of us.  ________________________________________________________________________________________

The Dr. Espanola Jackson Energy Justice Award serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of a tireless leader in the fields of community and environmental justice. It stands as a symbol of recognition for leaders of color like Mozine Lowe, who tirelessly dedicate themselves to driving positive change in the energy landscape. ________________________________________________________________________________________

This nomination is a testament to Mozine Lowe’s remarkable contributions to the renewable energy sector and her unyielding dedication to justice and sustainability. Her leadership has been instrumental in propelling our community toward a greener and more equitable future. ________________________________________________________________________________________

As we come together to celebrate this outstanding achievement, let us also reaffirm our commitment to supporting the invaluable work of leaders like Mozine Lowe. They are the driving force behind meaningful change in our energy industry and beyond. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Congratulations to Mozine Lowe on this well-deserved nomination for the 2023 Dr. Espanola Jackson Energy Justice Award!