Successful 3-Day Solar Workshop Draws Diverse Participants

Roanoke Rapids, NC — August 11, 2023

The Center for Energy Education (C4EE) concluded a remarkable and highly successful 3-day workshop that exceeded all expectations. With a fantastic turnout, this empowering workshop brought together participants not only from Halifax County, NC, but also from Northampton County, NC, and Brunswick County, VA, showcasing the broad reach and impact of C4EE’s initiatives. __________________________________________________________________________________

Throughout the workshop, the dedication and enthusiasm of the 20 participating students shone brightly. They not only completed the intensive solar construction course but excelled in it, demonstrating their commitment to gaining vital knowledge and skills in the field. __________________________________________________________________________________

This accomplishment opens up exciting vistas for these students, offering them new career opportunities in the solar industry. The diversity of participants and their collective success highlight the importance of C4EE’s mission in educating and empowering individuals from various backgrounds and communities. __________________________________________________________________________________

As these students move forward in their careers, they carry with them valuable lessons and experiences gained during this workshop. Their success is a testament to the transformative impact of C4EE’s educational programs, as well as the promising future of the solar energy industry.