Workforce Development

The C4EE is committed to serving communities by connecting and engaging its residents with educational and workforce training opportunities that solar projects bring to their areas. Since 2017, the C4EE has successfully trained and graduated 189 community members from its Solar Construction and OSHA 10 training program. The training opportunity targets residents who are interested in pursuing a career in the solar industry.

“…I am a disabled veteran and I had trouble finding a place of work with an environment that fits me. I took this solar construction class and now I work in wire management on a solar construction site. If you tell me, show me, and give me the opportunity, I listen and want to learn.”

Marian J. Harris, Solar Construction Class of 2019

O&M Training

The Center for Energy Education offers solar curriculum training for teachers in public, private and charter schools in the area. The workshop is designed to integrate solar education easily into science teachers lesson plans.

Solar Farm Construction

Solar Construction Classes include Wiring, Racking, Mounting, Small Tools, Measurements and OSHA 10 training.  Classes are held at C4EE and at Halifax Community College.