C4EE Weather Station

What does the C4EE Weather Station track?

C4EE’s solar powered weather station gathers atmospheric data and measures temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, soil moisture, wind speed and direction.

The weather station is located in Halifax County, NC at the C4EE home office.

weather station

The weather station will also measure how much pollen is being produced, how many particulates are in the air, and how dense those particulates are.

Did you know that dust can scatter the sun’s rays? The weather station will allow the Center to gather data to determine how dust and pollen affect the solar panels’ ability to collect energy from the sun.

Additionally, the station will track the amount of sunshine coming from the sky and how much is reflected back from the ground – also known as Albedo. Albedo is an important factor in agrivoltaics.

Agrivoltaics is the process of co-developing land for both utility-scale solar and agriculture. Knowing how much sunlight is underneath the panels lets farmers know what can be planted there.